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Emily Barth Isler is a writer whose work appears on,, Organic Spa Magazine, and She is also the author of 3 books for young adults and co-creator of the natural beauty blog, Product Junkies Rehab. She loves coffee and podcasts, and is so good at watching TV it should be considered a skill. Emily lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children. Find her on Instagram @emilybarthisler for skincare and book recommendations and pictures from her favorite California hikes.

New Season, New Brands, New Products!

If you’ve been following me on social media, or reading this blog, you might know that my family and I moved from New York City to Los Angeles, California this summer. Yeah, it was a big move! I’m still pinching myself to see if it’s real— it feels like a very strange extended vacation so […]

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The Magic of Lavender

When I was a little kid, for no reason other than wanting some extra attention one day, I decided—and proclaimed— that I was allergic to lavender. I have no idea where I got this concept or the inspiration to choose lavender, specifically. I only know that, at the time, it seemed like a great idea. […]

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Underrated Products and Unsung Heroes

In the beauty industry, we put a lot of focus on the new. What’s the hot new product? What new innovations did such-and-such brand incorporate into their products? What is the new color of the season? The new, trendy smell, the new, cool ingredient, the new “it” category. You’ve seen it all, I’m sure, whether […]

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Summer Haircare Roundup

My hair has always kind of been a huge part of my life. I didn’t cut or trim it until I was TWELVE! And even then, it remained down to my knees until late in high school when a major chop took it to rear-end length. Only in college did I go shorter, still— mid-back […]

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

As a child with an April birthday, I felt so hurt by the old saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” I identified strongly with my birth month, and the idea that it was famous for rain was insulting to me. I felt personally slighted that this grand, glorious month I looked forward to each year […]

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5 under 5 Ingredients

If you’ve ever dreamed of being on one of those “30 under 30” or “40 under 40” lists, like “the top 40 women in business who are under 40 years old,” welcome to the club. I used to fantasize about that. But as I watched the opportunity to be a “20 under 20” pass me by, followed, […]

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Ingredient Spotlight: Palo Santo

Since I tend to gravitate towards more floral scents, I never gave Palo Santo much thought. Also, if I’m being totally honest, I think I lumped it in my mind with another “P” ingredient used in a lot of natural products, Patchouli, which I do not particularly like. So I kind of ignored Palo Santo […]

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Rich… and Fabulous! Winter Skin and Hair Saviors

What does it mean to be rich? Certainly it means something different to me now than it did when I was a kid, or even when I was in my 20s. Now, in my late 30s, with two small kids, a head full of ideas, and a million things I want to do, I measure […]

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Top Product Picks from our Staff

I’ve been writing the blog for Integrity Botanicals for a while now. This is my 17th blog post here, and, since it contains entries from all my co-workers, it’s the one where I have to do the least amount of writing. AND YET. This is the hardest assignment I’ve ever been given. Those absolute monsters, Terri […]

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Black Friday and New Brands and Gifts With Purchase, Oh my!

Like a lot of Conscious Consumers, I have mixed feelings about Black Friday. On one hand, as a certified Product Junkie, I love the bargains and deals and special offers. On the other hand, the idea of making people work in retail stores starting at 4 am the day after Thanksgiving, when I’m cozy in […]

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