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New Makeup for May

New makeup for every type of makeup wearer! The lines between “want” and “need” have always been blurry for me when it comes to makeup; one person’s necessity is another person’s wishlist, and who am I to judge?! Be it for health reasons, for self-expression, or because the world is bleak and we need joy […]

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A [Skincare] Trip to England!

‘Ello, Gov’na! Okay, yeah, typing in a British accent is, at minimum, strange, at maximum, possibly offensive? (Sorry). So I will stick to typing as I usually do, but feel free to read this in your head with a nice, posh British accent. Greetings from Jolly Old England! Okay, fine, I’m not actually there– I’m […]

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How to Travel (with skincare, body care and more!)

I’ve forgotten how to travel. I mean, obviously I know how to book plane reservations and how to fill my car up with gas. I know to lock my door, get a friend to water my plants, and leave lights on a timer. But I’ve forgotten all the small details. How to pack clothes. How […]

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