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I’m willing to bet that your hands and nails need (nay, deserve!) some extra love and care right now. Think about it; in addition to washing them eight thousand times a day (okay, I know, that’s an exaggeration, but … you do wash your hands a lot, right? Okay, good.) you use them a ton, you expose them to all kinds of materials and textures, and, I’m willing to bet, you rarely put sunscreen on them. Am I right about that last part? Okay, because this is your reminder to PUT SUNSCREEN ON YOUR  HANDS! For example, when you’re driving, they’re right there, soaking up all the rays, so it’s a great habit to get into.)

I truly believe that routine moisturizer on your hands is the foundation for all other hand and nail care!  I admit that I often base my hand cream choices on how they smell, which IS important, but I also like knowing I’m getting a hand cream that is doing its job.

Obviously, it has to be moisturizing, that’s kind of the baseline of its purpose. Ideally, it would also contain active ingredients that really nourish my skin. Most people don’t think “hands” when they hear the word “skincare,” but our hands are often a pretty visible part of ourselves, so it would be nice to keep that skin healthy and looking well-cared for. Plus, if you have a cut on your hand or any kind of skin irritation, it can be kind of disruptive– you have to keep your hands in good shape.

What else is on my hand cream must-list? Packaging that doesn’t leak all over my bag, something that moisturizes but I don’t have to apply it ten times a day, ingredients to treat age spots and even out the skin tone, and, as I started with, it has to smell nice! (Unscented is fine, too, but no medicinal/weird/aggressive scents, please!)

So I’m going to give you recommendations for my favorite hand creams, lotions, and hand-friendly sunscreens, as well as a few hand balms that are really great for hands and nails in need of extra TLC!  But first, I’m going to introduce you to our two new hand-care focused lines: Paume (all things cleansing and moisturizing, specifically made for hands!)  and JINSoon (truly decadent nail care and polish)!

paume feature

Paume Luxury Hand Care

The Hands experts:

Paume!  When a brand chooses a focus, the way Paume chose hand care, you know it has worked hard to make sure it’s really nailing it (see what I did there?!), and Paume absolutely NAILS hand care. Not only are their products fun to use, they are ultra-sustainable, with clean ingredients and incredibly thoughtful packaging. Between refill bags that use 60% less plastic than bottles, smaller dispensers that are made with at least 65% PCR, and a cool, reusable pump for hand sanitizer at home, this brand has thought of it all.

The hand cleanser includes gentle exfoliation, which is absolutely key in keeping your hand skin happy, and the Hand Balm contains probiotics to ensure ultimate hand health in even the dryest season. And while you’re at it, you’ll definitely want Paume’s All-in-One Cuticle & Nail cream and Hand & Nail Brush (coming soon – this December!) to prep your digits for a coat of JINSoon polish (see below), or just to be groomed for that no-polish polished look!


JINsoon Nail Polish

Nails! Nails! Nails:

JINsoon nail polish is 10-free, non-toxic, and vegan, but of course you’d expect nothing less from us at Integrity Botanicals. What sets JINsoon apart from even the most green/clean polishes are the gel-like high-tech polymers and UV Filter that make this brand stand out from the rest. With over 50 shades, there is nothing you could possibly want in a nail polish that JINsoon can’t provide! Glossy? Check. Sheer? Got it. Shimmer? Of course! There’s even confetti! 

I’ve been a complete fan since trying JINsoon nail polish out, and while I often choose a fun color like the absolutely divine Cool Blue or classic red Ardor,I’m never without at least a coat of their polish, even if it’s the clear Hyperrepair, which works as a base coat or on its own, and is proven to restore nail health after just two applications. (It’s true! I’ve tried it, and it has made my nails less soft and fragile. ) Top if off with the anti-aging, anti-bacterial Ex-tract Honeysuckle and Primrose Cuticle Oil and the Hypercare Cuticle Pusher + Reducer, and you’ve got everything you need for a perfect at-home manicure!


Osmia Hand Creams

Hand Creams We Love

  • Osmia Organics Hand Cream comes in 3 scents (one of which is unscented, all of which are AMAZING!) Never greasy, super moisturizing, easy to toss in any bag or purse, I particularly love the Sandalwood and Ginger scent, but honestly, they’re all great. 
  • Henne Luxury Hand Cream – it’s light weight but it absorbs super quickly, making it great for hands that need to type on a keyboard or use a smartphone ASAP and can’t wait for the ultra-rich treatments to sink in! (Yet it works magic like heavier hand creams!) And since we know I’m into how it smells, both scent options of this cream are PERFECT, so you cannot go wrong. They’re light enough to not take over, which is helpful, too!
  • Organic Bath Co. Naked Skin Cream is my go-to recommendation for people who don’t like scents and want a simple skincare line that is as versatile as it is luxurious! It has a faint cocoa butter smell, but is free of essential oils, and contains JUST the good stuff you need and nothing you don’t. (I use it all over my body, but it’s particularly good for hands, of course!)
indie lee

Indie Lee Whipped Body Butter

Awesome Hand Lotions

  • Graydon’s All Over Face + Body Lotion is perfect for people who prefer a lighter touch. Plus, you can, as the name suggests, use it all over, AND it comes in 4 Liter size for eco-friendly refills! Swoon!
  • Indie Lee’s Whipped Body Butter is a treat for the senses and a medium-weight moisturizer perfect for hands. (I put it in the lotion category because it’s not a “toss-in-your-purse” hand cream in a small tube, but trust me, it’s GREAT to keep on your bedside table!)
  • Twelve Beauty Great Barrier Relief Hand Cream. You know I LOVE a pun, so this hand cream had me at hello, aka the first time I heard the name. On top of that, it’s just completely delicious and I adore everything Twelve makes, but come on, the name! It’s hilarious! 
  • Evolve’s African Orange Aromatic Lotion. Oh my goodness do I ever LOVE this decadent emulsion for dry hands! It smells like heaven and works overnight, with aloe vera powder and shea butter to attack dryness and dehydration from all angles!

Solara Glow Getter Illuminating Sunscreen

Best Hand-friendly Sunscreens

oulis balm

Ouli’s All-Purpose Beauty Balm

Balms for Hands

  • CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm has saved me and my kids more times than I can count. It’s a staple in our house (and in our car, travel bags, first aid kit, etc!). 
  • Ouli’s Ointment All Purpose Beauty Ointment is so glam and makes the perfect gift for any- and everyone you know. Plus it’s truly extraordinary and great for your cuticles, but I can’t get past how chic the tins are! (and the tins are reusable! Woohoo!).
  • Maya Chia Waterless Wonder Balm is my favorite smell, the best texture, and packed full of ingredients you usually only see in face products (supercritical chia oil, anyone?!)
  • Violets are Blue Healing Salve is super rich and fun to use. I always feel pampered when I apply the butter to my hands (and feet, elbows, hair, etc!).
jinsoon cuticle oil

JINsoon Ex-tract Honeysuckle + Primrose Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oils

In addition to the JINSoon cuticle oil I mentioned above, I also recommend MoMi’s Hair and Nail serum. It’s so versatile and smells great! Easy to toss in your purse to have on hand (I can’t stop with the puns) any time.


Whether you’re about to get a professional manicure or DIY at home, you will want to moisturize your hands a lot this fall. And especially in the winter! And still in the spring and summer … Basically, you should treat your hands the way you treat your face– frequent moisturizer, regular cleansing, and, yup, sunscreen regardless of the weather. Handshakes are coming back after the pandemic, and if you, like me, talk with your hands all the time, they are almost as much a part of your look as your face is! Keep moisturizing– thank your hardworking hands by treating them right!

And one last Bonus Tip:  All things Hand-care related make the best gifts. I like to give hand lotions as hostess gifts, hand soaps to teachers, and nail polish to friends who already have “everything,” so stock up for your holiday gifting needs!

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