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Emily Barth Isler is a writer whose work appears on,, Organic Spa Magazine, and She is also the author of 3 books for young adults and co-creator of the natural beauty blog, Product Junkies Rehab. She loves coffee and podcasts, and is so good at watching TV it should be considered a skill. Emily lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children. Find her on Instagram @emilybarthisler for skincare and book recommendations and pictures from her favorite California hikes.

There Goes the Sun

Post sun repair Labor Day has come and gone, which means that summer is *technically* over. Now, I’m all about extending summer as long as possible, wearing white all year round, pretending the amount of daylight is still getting longer even when it’s dark before dinnertime, and basically ignoring all the “rules,” but eventually, we […]

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How to Sunscreen

By now, anyone who has read this blog– or, truly, ANY blog, ever!, probably? — knows that you should be wearing sunscreen. On your face, especially. Every day. Even when it’s cloudy.  But during the summer, we tend to think about our sunscreen even more. We spend more time outside, we go to places like […]

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Get Your Fix With de Mamiel

In the sea of clean, holistic-minded beauty brands, what makes one stand out? When it comes to de Mamiel, that special “x-factor” for me has always been the way founder Annee de Mamiel has managed to create formulas that feel at once bespoke and universally relevant, whether it’s her Altitude Oil or the Sleep Series, […]

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Be an Artist with (M)anasi 7

Recently, it was spring break for my kids. We had plans– all outdoors, of course– and then, as has been all-too common this winter in California, it rained. We still did what we could, but as a lot of our plans were rained out, we had to find other things to do. After a few […]

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Vintner’s Daughter Adds a Third Product!

This week, one of our OG, all-time favorite brands, Vintner’s Daughter, has released a new product, the Active Renewal Cleanser. Would you believe that this is only the brand’s THIRD release, ever!?  In celebration, and to welcome the ARC to the Integrity Botanicals Family, we wanted to take a deeper look into the brand, thanks […]

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Top 5 of 2022

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Awww, look how far we’ve come together. This is our FIFTH annual Top 5 Staff Picks blog post, and not only am I not stressed about choosing my top five products this year, I’ve actually been looking forward to it! I know many of you probably think […]

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Interview with RUA’s Kristina Dunn

I have long idealized Scandinavian culture for a myriad of reasons: the universal healthcare, high reports of happiness among residents, great educational systems, hygge… I could go on and on! But I had never thought or heard much about Scandinavian or Nordic skincare. That all changed when Integrity Botanicals recently brought Scandinavian brand RUA Nordic […]

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Give Yourself a Hand!

I’m willing to bet that your hands and nails need (nay, deserve!) some extra love and care right now. Think about it; in addition to washing them eight thousand times a day (okay, I know, that’s an exaggeration, but … you do wash your hands a lot, right? Okay, good.) you use them a ton, […]

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Do you need new beauty products? (Yes!)

You know that friend you have, the one you can always call when you want to be told “no,” or to be talked out of doing something? I am not that friend. I’m never going to talk you out of getting a new beauty product (unless, of course, it has toxic-laden ingredients or is covered […]

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Elate: Build Your Dream Makeup Kit

After all these years as a beauty writer, I have occasionally thought about designing my own line of makeup. I haven’t ever seriously considered it, but I’ve wondered what it would be like. Every lipstick shade would be brown-based and have shimmer. There would be tons of bright pink blush and mascara that builds nicely […]

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