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Emily Barth Isler is a writer whose work appears on,, Organic Spa Magazine, and She is also the author of 3 books for young adults and co-creator of the natural beauty blog, Product Junkies Rehab. She loves coffee and podcasts, and is so good at watching TV it should be considered a skill. Emily lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children. Find her on Instagram @emilybarthisler for skincare and book recommendations and pictures from her favorite California hikes.

Why Is This Product Different?

Have you ever wondered why your favorite balm or cream is sometimes a slightly different texture or color? Ever wondered why scents vary the tiniest bit from batch to batch of your favorite body oil? Or why the color of a serum isn’t quite the same as it looked in the picture you saw online? […]

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Is It Time to Throw Out Your Old Makeup?

I always learn something when I’m researching and writing a blog post, like how Bakuchiol is not actually a kind of Retinol, or how eczema is often triggered by dietary factors, but rarely does a post influence me to change my habits so drastically! While researching this post— talking to brand founders and scouring websites and product packages for […]

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How Long Is My Skincare Good For?

When people find out I’m a beauty writer, there are some questions I get asked A LOT: What’s the best product for my teen’s acne? (I always suggest a gentle routine the kid in question will actually stick to, for starters, using products from Osmia Organics) Just tell me the magical serum that will make […]

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Travel the World With New Brands

I thought I could never possibly crave travel more than I did right after each of my children were born. Apparently, there’s nothing like being completely cocooned with a newborn to give me serious wanderlust! But this pandemic has proven to be, so far, equally as wanderlust-inspiring. Something about knowing that I can’t casually travel […]

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Front Line Care Packages

As I write this, I am on day sixty-eight of shelter-in-place quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. Some days it seems like a fun, weird, isolated vacation— I live in California, so the weather’s been nice, we have a small pool in the backyard, and I love spending time with my husband and kids. But other […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Giving, Quarantine-Style

I’m seeing so much discussion online, and among my friends (also online, because we’re all sheltering in place!), about what to send to their moms or mom-friends for Mother’s Day. How do we make it special for all of us stuck at home? Obviously, we won’t get the usual brunches out or massages or spa gift […]

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All Your Bakuchiol Questions Answered

You know how sometimes, you hear a word or phrase tossed around so often that you feel like it’s too late to ask what the heck it means? This was the case for me with Bakuchiol. Suddenly last year, this word was everywhere in green beauty. But I didn’t really know what it was, or […]

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Do Makeup and Skincare Matter During a Pandemic? Yes!

There is no way, if you’re reading this, that you have not already heard (and read!) a ton about COVID-19 and the pandemic of this novel coronavirus. So I’m not going to give you more facts, or try to make you feel calm about it, or freak you out about it. Because it’s here, and […]

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Why So Blue (Tansy)?

There’s something magical about Blue Tansy, starting with the name, which sounds whimsical and mysterious on its own, and continuing on to its properties— Blue Tansy is known to be anti-inflammatory, among other attributes— and ending with its remarkable scent. It’s not surprising that Blue Tansy has been a very popular, buzzy ingredient in green […]

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Your Body Needs Skincare, Too!

Most articles about how to care for the skin on your body are published at the start of spring or summer, when people are thinking about wearing shorts, bathing suits, sundresses, and other things that expose their skin to the elements (and to other people’s view!). But I think it’s important to talk about the […]

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