Valentine’s Day Green Beauty Gift Guide: 2024 Edition

It’s possible that a more cynical person might argue that Valentine’s Day is an overblown holiday used to sell cards, flowers, and chocolates, but I really think it’s a sweet time to tell someone that you care. It doesn’t have to be a romantic “I care,” either – Galentine’s Day (February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day) has become an excuse for a lot of people to celebrate friendship, which, let’s be real, is more important now than ever!

The way I see it is that February is dark and cold in most places – or, at the very least, dark– and we can all use a pick-me-up, so I’m advocating that this year, we CELEBRATE! Buy the person you love something fun that will last longer than flowers or chocolate: a sustainable, healthy beauty product. Make a wish list (or use the one I made, below!) to give hints to your friends and loved ones, or just buy it all for yourself! This is 2024 – we do not need to wait around for someone else to buy us lip gloss anymore! Normalize self-gift-giving with me and let’s treat ourselves to some fun goodies to get through February!

Here are my favorite gift-giving, gift-receiving, and self-gifting items this year! (Add all to cart!)

1.) SOAP – I have to start out with these two new soap products which have, in Valentine’s speak, captured my heart!

  • Anto Yukon I Love You Soap Anton Yukon just released all new packaging in boxes and with some new names, and I’m particularly in love with the custom messaging ones, like this one! For $12– less than roses, by the way!– you can get the message across AND keep it going with gorgeous, great-smelling soap that will last for months! The packaging is almost as pretty as the marbled soap inside, and I promise that absolutely everyone on your list– romantic, platonic, or “we just met but you seem nice,” would be really happy to get this soap as a gift!
  • Kosmatology Mint To Be SoapThe only thing I love more than a good pun is Kosmatology! And this new, limited edition soap flavor is the cutest!!  I love how the minty-vanilla scent feels so fresh and clean, and the self-foaming dispenser is a must for kids to ensure that they actually get the right amount of soap and use it properly! Like everything we carry, and everything Kosmatology makes, it’s Triclosan-Free, Sulfate-Free, Phthalate-Free, Paraben-Free, and 100% fantastic. Wouldn’t you rather give this to your kids or their friends than some plastic toy they’ll throw out in a day? Same here!

2.) LIP BALM – Lip balm is probably my favorite, obvious go-to for Valentine’s Day gifting. Here are two I’m really into right now!

  • MARA’s Sea Silk Lip Balm is my personal definition of luxury, so it would make a really good gift if you want to knock someone’s socks off (or maybe foot lotion would be better, if you’re making them go sockless?) but seriously, I love this lip balm and it makes me feel so cared for and loved. It’s just so delightful and heals even the most chapped of lips overnight.
  • On the other hand, if you want something inexpensive that you can gift to kids or their friends, I also adore Hurraw! Balms.  For less than a Hallmark Card (no shade, Hallmark, but that stuff has gotten expensive and then people just throw them away a week later!), you could give kids, acquaintances, teachers, etc. a high-quality, 100% vegan lip balm! That is so much more fun than a card, in my opinion.

3.) LIP GLOSS – And if you want to kick the lip game up a notch, here are some colorful options in gloss form that I think also make amazing self-gifting ideas! And also, I guess you could buy them for other people, too, but really, I’m kind of thinking about myself now?

  • Kari Gran’s Lip Whips are amazing I happen to love the shade Cora Gold, but they are all amazing. No one would be sad getting this as a Valentine’s Day present, and the peppermint scent makes it the perfect prep for a kiss!
  • I’m obsessed with Fitglow’s, well, everything, but I’ve always particularly loved their lip products. They have two new bundles so you can get yourself – er, I mean, a friend– three awesome products in a bundle: Berry Nude Lip Trio and Natural Nude Lip Trio.  Each limited-edition set has three full size products,  including lip liner, lip serum and lipstick,  all boxed and ready for gifting. Or you can take them out of the box and keep them, just saying!

4.) NAIL POLISH – Nail polish is such a great gift because it lasts for a long time, and even if people already have some nail polish, chances are it’s not hard to find a new color or type that they don’t have, and then they’ll think of you every time they use it – like, for years!

  • I’m not great at painting my own nails, but glittery or confetti ones like Bijou, Glitzy, and Gala from Jin Soon are the most forgiving for those of us who lack talent or fine motor skills. I also love how they can be worn alone or as a top coat over a color, or– and this is my favorite nail tip! – as a cover-up for polish that is starting to chip but you still want to keep it on!
  • Or, you could do a whole theme gift! Give someone Nailberry’s Hot Coco and then make them some hot cocoa to drink, and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day date! (Note: you can also do this for yourself! No date needed!)

5.) BODY OIL – I LOVE body oils and I feel like a sensual holiday like Valentine’s day is screaming for Body Oil. Again, you can gift it, or you can just buy it for yourself, no partner needed!

  • I was going to choose something rose-scented to go with the typical Valentine’s flower, but honestly, this Hawaiian oil, available in THREE fantastic, tropical scents from Leahlani Skincare is way more fun.  Each of the three scents is also available in Classic or in Kula (with golden shimmer!).
  • You know the slogan “Say it with Flowers?” Well, say it with this oil, called “NAKED,” and you can easily let someone know you really like them!  Use it for massages or just for moisture straight out of the shower – Osmia’s body oils are the best. They also have one called “Night” with essential oils of lavender, roman chamomile and wild atlas cedar, which encourage a peaceful and restful sleep, if that’s more the vibe you want for a gift.

Like I said, you can just go ahead and add all of these to your cart, and I promise you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day! Whether alone or with friends or with a special someone, the cost of all of the above beauty products is probably still less than you would spend on dinner at a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day. And they will last way longer!

Happy Valentine’s Day, however you celebrate. We love you all and consider you our Valentines all year!

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