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Fall is a time for new things. New pencils and notebooks for a new school year. New clothes. New shoes. New haircuts and backpacks and schedules. But what about those of us who are no longer in school? Don’t we deserve some serious New, too?

Never fear, newness is here! And what’s better than just plain old, run-of-the-mill new? New and improved, of course! So I’ve rounded up a few new non-toxic beauty treasures that are new AND improved, so you can feel the joy of the changing seasons with me.

The following five things are versions of products that we’ve long known and loved– a cult-hit mascara, seriously impressive lip products, a groundbreaking natural deodorant, cream eye shadows and a concealer that does just about everything your face could want– that are even better than the originals!

If you have already found your holy grail in one of these original products, try the new-and-improved version to get everything you ever dreamed of AND MORE!

Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara

lily lolo big lash mascara

If you’d told me before that Lily Lolo was planning to release a version of their cult-status mascara that was even better, I’d have told you that was impossible. How do you improve on a classic? It was already pretty perfect— no smudging, nice volume, added length… all the things I could possibly wish for in a mascara. But of course, I had to try the new Big Lash version when it came out. And WOW. Just wow! How is it better, you ask? It’s hard to describe, but all I can say is that it’s just MORE! More of all the things I love about the original! More volume, more length, more no-smudge staying power, new brush shape, more long-lasting, all day mascara.

I wouldn’t have known what to even ask for in this mascara, but it’s like Lily Lolo read my mind, figured it out for me, and went ahead and made something fantastic that I didn’t even realize I needed! How’s that for customer service?! Well, I’m pretty pleased, Lily Lolo. Well done. Thanks for anticipating my needs! The only thing this mascara doesn’t do is my dishes and laundry. And I’m assuming that’s coming in the next version, right??

Kjaer Weis Cream Eye Shadows


There are few things in life I love more than taking out my glam Kjaer Weis compacts and applying gorgeous, nontoxic, makeup. I feel like a freaking movie star, every time. It seems like a small thing, but the elegant compact and the top-notch product just elevate my whole day and turn the mundane into the sacred. So how do you take this already magical experience and make it EVEN MORE AMAZING? Cream, my friends. Cream.

Like adding cream to coffee (duh, the only way to drink it!), Kjaer Weis has made cream eye shadows, taking their already-divine eye makeup range to new heights. It’s a lovely, velvety texture that is somewhere between balm and powder, making a perfect, crease-free finish every time. I’m partial to the two shades that contain shimmer, because I’m that kind of girl, but all four of the cream shadow colors are dynamic and versatile. A little gives a nice wash of color, like a hint of a mood, while more shadow means more drama and rich, intense tones.

The best part? Well, there are several best parts. 1. You can layer the cream shadows with the KW powder shadows for coverage that is deep and etherial and nuanced and long-lasting. 2. Like all Kjaer Weis products, you get the gorgeous, sleek silver compact, and can refill for less money and save the environment. 3. You can use these shadows anywhere— I like to use Alluring and Gorgeous on my lips and as bronzers/highlighters. Be creative!

Agent Nateur Holi(stick) Sensitive deodorant


I’ve never felt so left out as when my best friend and my husband both started using, and raving about, Agent Nateur deodorant a few years back. I was so jealous. They both kept talking about how awesome it was, how effective and great-smelling and luxurious, and I just felt more and more disappointed that I couldn’t use it. See, I had tried it before either of them, and, like so many other deodorants that contain baking soda, it left my armpits with an angry rash.

And sure, there are other deodorants out there, but none so elegant and alluring as Agent Nateur’s, with the classic white tube and the easy-to-apply stick form. I wanted it, and I wanted it bad.

When Agent Nateur came out with a sensitive formula recently, I was nervous to try it. Could I handle another disappointment? And even if there was no rash, would it REALLY work? Could I finally have the luxurious experience my loved ones enjoyed? The answers are: No disappointment, no rash, it works, and YES, I can finally have the luxurious experience my loved ones enjoy!!!!

This deodorant is so good that I look forward to applying it, as I would a fine perfume or body lotion. I love how it smells so much that I wish I needed to reapply it throughout the day, but I don’t because it works so well! It’s a win-win-win.

FitGlow Conceal +

fitglow conceal +

I could just tell you that this concealer is INCREDIBLE and I love it and it’s even better than Fitglow’s previous formula, but, though all that is true, it doesn’t really tell you why. So I decided to ask Fitglow to describe what’s awesome about their new Conceal +. “This is a completely different concealer formula than the old one. It is based on our eye cream. It’s a skin treatment and a concealer.”

And while you could just use Fitglow’s Vita-Active Foundation under your eyes to hide dark circles and such, because it is seriously excellent, too, using Conceal + is like getting way more for your money. It reduces puffiness, treats the skin, hides the circles, works to eliminate them, and makes you look so much more bright and awake! Plus, it provides more coverage than just foundation and lasts longer/stays put because it’s specifically designed for the delicate eye area.

There you have it— it’s not just a concealer, it’s also designed to help treat the problems that make you need the concealer in the first place. Brilliant!

Henné Organics Lip Serum 


Henné has always offered excellent lip products, but this does even more than just moisturizing your lips.

I try not to be superficial in life, in general, but it’s hard not to just love this lip serum for its appearance, alone! The sleek, glass tube and 24 karat gold plated rollerball are unrivaled, plus the delicious berry-candy smell of the serum is enough reason to use it in itself! But what’s inside is also pretty great, so I can say that using this serum is not just about the superficial. It’s also an excellent product for moisturizing lips, reducing fine lines around them, and promoting collagen production.

What I like about this serum is that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s great for layering under other lip products, because it doesn’t sit on the surface of the skin, and it won’t mess up your lipstick or gloss. (Give it a moment to absorb, obviously!)

What holy grail products do you wish came out with new-and-improved versions? My ideas for this kind of thing always veer into the sci-fi, like a body lotion that could make me travel back in time, or a lip stick that could make me speak other languages, or a mascara that improved my vision! How about a hand cream that does the dishes? Or laundry soap that washes, dries, and folds??? Okay, maybe it’s good that I’m not a product formulator. I think I’ll stick to being a product junkie, and to enjoying the new advances brands are making all the time. And to folding my own darn laundry!

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  1. I love it! Need to try Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara. I’m happy there is more and more clean beauty brands that create amazing quality products <3

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