Guys Going Green

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A short story about guys going green…

It became apparent to us that many guys have secretly been fans of green products through their wives, girlfriends, moms, aunts and sisters. Some have been curious and bashful about admitting they also need efficacious products that are safe and include results-driven ingredients. It lead us to wonder, “Why are men being left out of the green beauty conversation?”

For a long time it’s been kind of taboo for men to talk about their personal care needs. It seemed vain or a tad narcissistic for a man to admit he also has concerns about wrinkles or dark circles and requires guidance when it comes to a good skincare routine. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a few handsome uncles that took pride in how they dressed and appeared that it never seemed anything other than lovely to me for men to polish up and take good care of themselves. My grandfather was an elegant man with a slim build, dark eyes and impeccable cheekbones. He was quite handsome and always reminded me of a Latin version of Clark Gable. What I remember most was, he wore pressed white linen shirts, his skin was silky smooth (Spanish olive oil from my grandmother’s influence) and he smelled of leather and tobacco. He enjoyed special occasions and dressing for them. He also enjoyed cold creams, scented lotions and the flattery about his magnificent style and appearance. I think many men want to be remembered with the same affection.

It’s about time we become more inclusive in the green beauty realm. The guys in my life have questions, are eager to try new products and desire quality just as much as the women I know. I don’t think it’s vain for a man to want to improve his appearance and build a solid routine. I find it admirable and positive. Looking good and wishing to feel confident is a human tendency we all have in common. I adore that so many guys love our eye serum. I enjoy hearing the stories from our female customers about catching their male partners “borrowing” products and encouraging them to purchase an extra one the next time. For all of these reasons we created the first of our men’s collection to be especially appealing to men. Decouverte LBF Homme is packaged in a slender raven colored box with a black glass top and a steel rollerball applicator. The formulation and price remains exactly the same. (Why mess with perfection?) This is an excellent starter gift for any man in your life. Eye care products are very popular with men as it seems this is the area they notice in need of a little extra TLC first. We want the man that is confident about looking good and interested in using quality non-toxic products to be matched with our eye serum. We think it’s about time he knows we think he’s worth it too.

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Image courtesy of La Bella Figura

Jardin de Fleurs Skin Revitalizer refreshes and softens skin while gently restoring elasticity and promoting the renewal of damaged skin cells. Raw Coconut Water and Hyaluronic Acid deliver and hold intense hydration in connective tissue between cells leaving skin plump, moist and dewy. This awakened state of the skin helps for easy absorption of active serums and moisturizers and effective delivery for high performance. Edelweiss Extract and White Peony soothe and calm and help balance PH levels in the skin. Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Rose Damascena and Carrot Seed Hydrosols aid in reducing skin inflammation and help to create a protective layer for sensitive skin. Helichrysum, Licorice Root and Plantain Leaf target brightness in tone and help stimulate active cell growth.  For skin seeking deep cellular hydration and new collagen promotion.

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