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Co-Founder of La Bella Figura - “I have never felt that we’re just a brand. We’re educators, artists, environmentalists and women with vision. We don’t isolate ourselves into believing that we only bring one thing to the table. There is a diversity of talent within our company and I think that's what it takes to build a team. We’re a library of resources and I want to reflect that into everything we do.” The objective of La Bella Figura's collection is to develop masterful formulas focused on transformation. The approach of ingredient-to-formula allows LBF to explore innovative methods of production an technique. LBF creates products that offer more than space in your beauty cabinet. Focusing on solely developing the finest performing products you reach for time and time again. The new modern classics.

Guys Going Green

A short story about guys going green… It became apparent to us that many guys have secretly been fans of green products through their wives, girlfriends, moms, aunts and sisters. Some have been curious and bashful about admitting they also need efficacious products that are safe and include results-driven ingredients. It lead us to wonder, […]

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