Perfect Duo: Ursa Major Body Wash and Body Lotion


Ursa Major is such an easy brand to love. They make family friendly, unisex products that feel and smell amazing with clean ingredients. Did I mention how reasonably priced the products are? Ursa Major’s branding really stands apart, too. It’s fun, modern and stylish with clever little quips on the bottles like “YOU are the active ingredient”—love that! I’ve been dying to get my hands on Ursa Major’s Perfect Zen Body Lotion and the Citrus Riot Body Wash since they launched last year, and after trying them out, I can tell you these will be staples along with some of their other products that my husband and I use daily. The Ursa Major body wash and body lotion are indeed the perfect duo.

If you’re the kind of person who requires something zesty and fresh in the shower to truly wake up, then meet Citrus Riot Body Wash—your new favorite product. When this aloe-based body wash arrived, I popped the lid off and just couldn’t get enough of the punchy fresh lime aroma. It’s so much more than just a bright citrus, however. Notes of ginger, fir, cedar and vetiver help give a full-bodied depth and hint of sexy to the awakening lime and bergamot notes. It’s walks the line between masculine and feminine beautifully. Even on my grumpiest mornings (it happens), I feel peppy and ready to rock the day after using the Citrus Riot Body Wash. The formula itself is silky, especially for a gel body wash. It produces a gentle foamy lather, so a little product is all you need for your whole body. Let’s face it, a beautiful scent only gets you so far, and the best part about the Citrus Riot Body Wash is that it cleanses thoroughly but gently, and it doesn’t strip my skin of it’s moisture. #winning

Speaking of silky things, the Perfect Zen Body Lotion is going to be in heavy rotation all spring and summer long. Maybe you’re not a big body oil fan, or maybe like me you just want something lighter and fast absorbing for the warm seasons. Whatever your situation, I recommend the Perfect Zen Body Lotion for a light moisturizer that hydrates well and sinks into skin beautifully. While the scent is a little more feminine to my nose than the body wash, it is delightful, fresh and not too girly for my husband. He’s a big fan of the Ursa Major Face Balm and is very hard to please when it comes to moisturizers but always asks for something for his hands and arms. The Perfect Zen Body Lotion suits both of us. The scent is relaxing and calming, and while it’s pitched as an orange, bergamot and cedar fragrance, I can definitely pick up the notes of lavender and sandalwood that help soften the scent. Another aspect I love about this body lotion is that I can apply it right before bed and not worry about greasing up my sheets or the book I’m falling asleep with. I’ve decanted a bit of the Perfect Zen so that I can keep it in my purse as a hand cream. I hope that Ursa Major will make travel sizes available soon.

5 thoughts on “Perfect Duo: Ursa Major Body Wash and Body Lotion

  1. This post is so timely at our house Susannah – I just got my husband samples of all the Ursa Major shaving & skin care products and he’s been really enjoying them for about a week now! He especially loves the face toner wipes – a great multitasking product for men who don’t want ten different products to use. Like your husband, he also likes the face balm – he’s needed a moisturizing product for awhile now. Their travel box kit is awesome & I love the packaging too! So glad Terri & Marc added this line.

    Question about the scent of the body wash – I love the scent combo of lime & ginger in the Zoe Organics Refresh Oil but dion’t care for the vetiver scent in the Yarok conditioner. Which one does it lean towards more? If it helps you to decide how to recommend, since you are a scent expert, I adore the pinion pine & neroli aroma of Lotus Wei Radiant Energy mist so the fir & cedar notes you mention in the body wash sound nice? As it isn’t available in sample size, I really appreciate your opinion if you think I would like it. I can always pass it on to my husband though – he has really liked all the Ursa Major scents in the different products he’s been using. Thanks Susannah! (p.s. I can’t wait for you to send Terri more bottles of your Sundays – I use and love misting it on daily! In need of my third bottle since January – sad to be out of it!)

    1. Hi Carol! Wonderful to hear the post is timely and helpful and that your husband is already loving his Ursa Major samples. I do think the Body Wash leans more toward the Yarok conditioner with the vetiver note. In fact, I’d thought to myself that it reminds me of that scent before you even asked. I think that’s one reason I enjoy it so much since I really love vetiver. It’s lovely but perhaps not the best fit for you if you weren’t a big fan of the Yarok conditioner.

      Thank you for loving Sundays! I’m so happy it’s working so well for you and that you’re really connecting with the fragrance. Your feedback means so much—thanks for sharing!

      1. Thanks so much, Susannah, for taking the time to give me that helpful feedback. I adore Sundays – you have created the most perfect blend of jasmine and gardenia notes. It’s exotic and cheerful all at the same time :)

  2. Thank you Carol! <3 <3 <3

    And just one more note to add that the vetiver is not as strong in the body wash as the Yarok conditioner, but it’s present! I wonder if your husband might enjoy it? It’s just so difficult to know with scent until you experience it for yourself. :) I do love it though!

    1. you’re right – he might really like it….he likes earthy scents and is currently finishing a bottle of organic body wash scented with rosemary essential oil, so I might grab a bottle of the Ursa Major for him to use next.

      p.s. I wanted to also share a quick note that I hope might brighten your day…my dental hygienist ordered a bottle of your Sundays for herself after smelling it when she was cleaning my teeth and I was wearing it (I even mist my hair with it!) and she said “what is that amazing scent?” :)

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