Introducing CV Skinlabs: Serious Relief For Troubled Skin

CV Skinlabs

To celebrate the launch of CV Skinlabs, Integrity Botanicals is giving you a free travel size Rescue + Relief Spray with any CV Skinlabs purchase. Code: CVRELIEF

Good news! CV Skinlabs is now available at Integrity Botanicals. If you haven’t tried CV Skinlabs, you can count on these products to deliver. This healing skincare line has become an absolute staple in my home. We use their products for basic skincare maintenance and for first aid needs, too. In the summer I rely on the Rescue + Relief Spray more than any other product to treat sunburn, heat rash, razor burn, and anything else that the summer elements throw my way. Redness and irritation practically disappear, and it’s healed sunburns more quickly than anything else I’ve tried — and by quickly, I mean instant relief and back to normal in a day.

CV Skinlabs delivers results in the winter, too. Dry, chapped skin is easily healed or prevented with the Restorative Skin Balm and the Body Repair Lotion. I keep the Body Repair Lotion next to my kitchen sink to prevent the dryness and damage that accompanies frequent hand washing. My husband is less diligent about moisturizing and has already had a bout with cracked, sore knuckles since we began running the heater this winter. He applied the Restorative Skin Balm several times a day. In just a few days his chapped hands were completely healed. CV Skinlabs also helps with skin conditions like eczema. The community over at No More Dirty Looks consistently ranks CV Skinlabs as one of the best at providing relief for eczema.

It’s no accident that CV Skinlabs has such a healing effect. The line was developed for cancer and chemotherapy patients with extra delicate, inflamed, and sensitized skin conditions. CV Skinlabs includes a unique blend of healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients in every product. They call it the Tri-Rescue Complex, and it includes turmeric, reishi mushroom, aloe, beta-glucan, and St. John’s wort. All of the products have a neutral sent and are perfect for the whole family.

Integrity Botanicals is giving away a full size Rescue + Relief Spray and Body Repair Lotion! Enter below to win!

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20 thoughts on “Introducing CV Skinlabs: Serious Relief For Troubled Skin

  1. This sounds wonderful! You always have the best giveaways Integrity Botanicals! :-) I’ve heard such great things about the Rescue & Relief spray. I’d love to try this. Lots of love! Xx

  2. That rescue relief lotion sounds pretty fabulous to me ;) I have sensitive skin so I’m thinking this brand might be a winner

  3. I have suffered from severe eczema for many years, mainly on my hands. I have had many allergy tests done, all with negative results. To this day, I have no idea what the trigger is. I only used steroids (which I hesitate doing every time) when the skin is too raw, broken, bleeding and cracking (sorry for the TMI…but I’m sure other eczema suffers can relate). Sadly, the steroid has been the only thing that would work when things got really out of control… I’ve tried many natural ways (both topically and internally with probiotics, exercise, clean eating, juicing, you name it).

    Last year I got a terrible infection from the eczema wounds that caused my lymph nodes to flare up. I realized that in addition to taking care of myself with proper diet, exercise, sunshine and meditation, I needed to treat the cracks right away to avoid any type of infection – and trust me, I’ve always been a clean freak and tried not to touch things (especially in public places) unless necessary, used non-soap cleanser to wash my hands, etc., so it was a bit of a shock when I got the infection.

    Since then, things that have helped me: a good moisturizing regimen after any contact with water, humidifier in the winter, switching to natural products, reducing sugar/flour intake, more greens, exercising (trampolines!) to sweat daily, probiotics, lots and lots of water to drink and meditation twice a day. I’ve been wanting to try the CV Skinlabs since reading about it online. It’s frustrating to live with eczema, but with proper care, it can be manageable.

  4. I haven’t tried CV Skinlabs yet, but I would love to try the Skin Balm and Repair Lotion. My hubby is currently battling against a bad case of eczema on his hands and nothing he tries has helped (except for steroids, which I’m not very happy about). I hope the Skin Repair Lotion is a good, natural (and easy to apply) alternative for him.

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