Introducing Bottega Organica

Bottega Organica

Prawn Sage, the Source of a Powerful Anti-Aging Extract Used by Bottega Organica

If you’re serious about finding a skincare line with the purest organic natural ingredients available, then allow me to introduce you to Bottega Organica. This line takes natural ingredients to a new level by formulating according to their own patented scientific discoveries on the anti-aging effectiveness of plants. While studying the aging process as a means for cancer-fighting therapies, molecular geneticist and Bottega Organica founder Dr. Andrea Alimonti discovered a method to identify plant extracts that prolong the lifespan of human cells and slow the aging process. Dr. Alimonti has shown how selected plant extracts can rejuvenate human cells, and Bottega Organica grew out of these discoveries.

Bottega Organica designs their formulas by combining these plant extracts with active natural carriers such as pure organic extra-virgin olive oil, organic botanical serums and distilled spring water. With the anti-aging prawn sage extract at the helm, all of their formulas are designed to nurture the skin and prolong youthfulness without the use of preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind. Additionally, their ingredients are wild harvested or grown organically and processed naturally at their farms in Italy and upstate New York. They even produce their own extra-virgin olive oil for use in their products. Talk about knowing your source!

Bottega Organica has a surprisingly large selection of products, and I’ve been testing out some of their offerings over the last month. Overall, the simplicity and purity of their products make for an experience that is beautiful, nourishing and satisfying. It is truly food for your skin, and I’ve loved the results. I’ve been particularly impressed with the rich, replenishing creams that Bottega Organica offers. I’ve been using the Overnight Renewal Cream with French Lilac and Neroli, the Face Balance Cream with Tulsi and Vetiver, and the Eye Illuminate Cream with Horse Chestnut and Cucumber. All three look and feel very similar because they are primarily an emulsification of flower waters, olive oil, beeswax and glycerin. The formulas differ most in the details and their active properties—the herbal and fruit extracts and essential oils. The base of the creams is rich, but it doesn’t feel too heavy or occlusive. You can certainly feel the luxurious olive oil in the formula, and it cushions skin in the best way.

The Overnight Renewal cream is formulated to rejuvenate, enhance elasticity and infuse skin with antioxidants and vitamins. After a night with this cream, I wake up with a calm and hydrated complexion. The Face Balance cream has similar properties, but it is infused with Tulsi, or holy basil, one of my favorite herbs that helps regulate sebum production without clogging pores. It’s wonderful for the daytime but can be used at night, too. The Eye Illuminate cream has quickly become one of my favorite eye products, and I normally don’t go out of my way to use an eye product. It keeps my delicate eye area looking fresh and plumped. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in fine lines with regular use. Additionally, because these products are so emollient, a little bit of product goes a long way. I’m actually considering refrigerating them to extend their life and freshness because I’ve barely made a dent in my creams after a month of use.

For the body, I am in love with Bottega Organica’s Dual Action (oil + water) Peppermint moisturizer, which is a combination of extra virgin olive oil, floral waters, and anti-aging extracts. In the bottle, you’ll see that the oil and water separate. You must shake the bottle well before spraying onto skin, but it produces the best experience. As you probably know, body oils spread so much better on damp skin. Since this moisturizer combines water and oil and comes in a spray, it spreads across skin and absorbs beautifully. My skin feels fully hydrated but never “oily”. The peppermint oil really invigorates the skin, too. Bottega Organica’s Extra-Nourishing Hand Formula is also a luxurious treat. It’s sort of like a hand serum, and it envelops your hands in a soft velvety cocoon that feels soothing and restorative. It sinks in quickly, so you can return to whatever task you were up to before application.

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with Bottega Organica, and I’m still testing out some of their additional offerings like the Ultra Concentrated Face Serum and the Body Contour Serum, but I’m impressed with the results and the experience I’ve had so far. This line is well worth investing in and exploring. I’ve always had better results with natural skincare, and I’m excited that this line brings their own scientific discoveries to the table along with incredible natural ingredients.

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