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What’s New At MUN? An Interview with Munemi Imai

  When I ran into Munemi Imai and her team at A Night For Green Beauty, I got a glimpse of the true passion MUN has for clean, nutritious skincare and high quality botanical oils. They told me about the new products that they were working on, and it was all too exciting to keep to […]

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Skincare Basics: Why You Need A Toner

My first experience with a “toner” was probably similar to yours — an alcohol-based concoction that I swiped over my face while battling typical breakouts and oily skin as a teen. The toner would often burn, and it definitely removed oil, but it was overly harsh. Looking back, I’m a little horrified that I put […]

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February Inspiration: Love Is In The Air

  It’s February and that means one thing: Valentine’s Day. As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed many people shrug off February 14th as just a commercial holiday meant to boost candy and greeting card sales. While there is plenty of truth to the commercialization of holidays, did you know that Valentine’s Day has been associated […]

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