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Top Product Picks from our Staff

I’ve been writing the blog for Integrity Botanicals for a while now. This is my 17th blog post here, and, since it contains entries from all my co-workers, it’s the one where I have to do the least amount of writing. AND YET. This is the hardest assignment I’ve ever been given. Those absolute monsters, Terri […]

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Meet Leahlani Skincare

Ever wished you could just magically transport yourself to a tropical island for a few days? Or even for a few hours? Wouldn’t that be nice— if it were close enough, not to mention cheap enough, to just visit a luxurious, island escape in the middle of your work day, without disrupting your life and […]

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Scent: Why it matters

Both times I have been pregnant, I knew before taking any tests because of my sense of smell. With my daughter, in 2010, I knew I was pregnant because, as my husband and I boarded the crosstown bus one morning in Manhattan, I said to him, “Whoa, that woman used a lot of shampoo!” There […]

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