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Hynt Beauty has arrived at Integrity Botanicals and we’re all about this natural makeup line. From intensely beautiful eye shadows to rich lipsticks and hydrating powder foundations, Hynt Beauty is a welcome addition to our makeup kits. While we love bringing you new product reviews and YouTube makeup tutorials on new brands like Hynt Beauty, it’s always special when we can share more from the brand founders themselves.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Meryl Marshall, creator of Hynt Beauty, with this fun Q&A that details a few of her favorite beauty treats and more.

If I had to use one foundation… It would be minimalistic. I do not care for heavy makeup. I am fortunate that I have good skin and I like it to look natural in daylight. On top of well hydrated skin, I apply my Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting concealer exactly where I need a bit of coverage and then depending on the day, I will then apply our Velluto foundation with our Finale Finishing Powder on the very top. Most days, I skip the Velluto. I always get compliments on my skin. At my age, I think that’s a gift.

Wear one lipstick… It would be a hydrating one. I dislike lipstick that tugs during application. Drier lipstick is longer wearing but it is often too drying and causes chapping and cracking. I don’t mind reapplying a bit more often. Of course my lipstick has to have a high organic content and be vegan. The thought of using carmine on my lips is a big turnoff.

Wear one shade of nail polish… It would be a soft opaque very light pink. I am still looking for a ‘five free’ version of Essie’s Fiji.

Apply one skincare product… It would be Hynt Beauty’s Sun Prep SPF30. It is a moisturizer, makeup primer, as well as provides UVB/UVA sun protection. My aesthetician and dermatologist always remind me to protect myself from the sun and never, ever to rely on just makeup for sun protection.

Pick one perfume… It would be one that is not synthetic. I tossed all of my old toxic fragrances and found my new signature scent that is certified 100% natural.

Vacation in one spot… I love to explore and sightsee. I enjoy to sit by a pool or on the beach for just a short time. It doesn’t take long for me to get antsy. I like to experience the culture of a different place, especially on foot.

Carry one bag… I most often carry a crossbody bag. I find that it is easier on the body. I have learned to carry less so that a heavy bag does not take a toll on my back. I stopped carrying a heavy wallet as well.

Give one hostess gift… I generally bring fruit as I feel that we all eat way too much sugar. After my cancer treatment, I went to a nutritionist that specializes in better eating regimes post cancer treatment. One of the things that stuck with me was the connection of sugar consumption and how cancer cells love it. Refined carbs like white sugar, white flour, high fructose corn syrup etc. are extremely dangerous for anyone trying to prevent or reverse cancer. I was also told to keep my weight down as well. The more carbs you consume, the more you crave.

Eat one beauty food… I love almost all fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, omega-3 rich fish, and also spices. I believe that a balanced diet that consists of a wide range of whole foods in small portions are the best for beauty inside and out!

Indulge in one treat… What else is there? CHOCOLATE!

Drink one wine… I love red wine and went on my first wine tasting with my cousins during a visit to California this year. I try to buy wines made in the USA. I especially love Shiraz (the name of our popular wine shade of lipstick), Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Stick with one form of exercise… It is difficult to choose just one as I so love the variety in exercise. I enjoy going to the gym. I do free weights, machines, and various methods of cardio. I take classes there, too as well as work out in the warm water pool and swim. If I had to choose one type of exercise though, it would be a hike outdoors, surrounded by nature on a beautiful day.

Pick a favorite flower… I love the lotus flower. We have a koi pond in our backyard. I get to enjoy the lily pads and watch the lotus open when the sun comes out and closes upon sunset. Just stunning.

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