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From the moment I first tried the Lotus Wei Infinite Love Elixir, Perfume and Serum I was absolutely smitten. It’s difficult to explain why, apart from the smell-good feel-good qualities that are readily apparent, Lotus Wei can be so transformative long term and so pleasurable and peaceful in between, so we asked Lotus Wei founder Katie Hess to talk to us about the inspiration behind her flower essence-based products. She has so much to share, including great advice on how and why to incorporate this type of energy medicine into your routine.

Susannah: Its easy to get hooked on Lotus Wei products because they smell so gorgeous, but there is so much more to your formulas than pretty smells. For the uninitiated, tell us about the concept of flower alchemy and how it can help.


Katie: We infuse all of our products with flower remedies. Different from aromatherapy, flower remedies dont have a scent and they work through the acupuncture meridians. So even though some of our products have aromatherapy, what triggers the most transformative effects are the flower remedies. 

Flower remedies, also known as flower essences, give the products an alive quality, and with regular daily use (4-5 times each day), you notice a significant shift in your state of mind within several days. Flower essences are one of the most powerful, effective, safe ways to antidote the stress and static of daily life, and long-term lovers of Lotus Wei say they are positively and profoundly life-changing.


The Lotus Wei product line is conveniently categorized by moods, like Quiet Mind and Inner Peace. How should new customers approach these categories? Is there an easy way to figure out which moods they could use support with? Can you address more than one mood at a time?


My favorite way is to get the left brain totally out of the picture, and see what flowers youre visually drawn to. Youll always be visually attracted to what you need most in the moment. You can download the Lotus Wei app on your phone and take the quiz, choosing the colors, flowers and gemstones youre most attracted to. Youll end up with a custom flower reading and a recommendation for what to start with. Theres also a tracking system in the app, so you can send yourself reminders and track your results based on what remedy youre using. The app is currently available for iPhones and iPads; were coding the Android version nowrelease date hopefully this month!

OR you can see what scents, colors and product names you resonate most with. We know that YOU know best what you need, and you can trust all of your senses to give you indicators of where to start. Ive been working with flower essences for the last fifteen years, and Ive noticed that even though you might think you dont know what you needyou actually do, and just by trusting what youre drawn to is a very accurate method.

Additionally, you are not limited to just one moodyou can have joy and love and inspiration all at the same time! All of the flowers work together to help you find your perfect balance and be your best self. I typically recommend that you choose at least one remedy that youll commit to using 4-5 times each day for several weeksthat way youll really feel the difference. Layer other remedies on top as needed or desired, but having at least one that you commit to will help you identify the results.

As for which style of remedy is most effective, for example, elixir vs. mist vs. serum it doesnt matter. They are all equally as effective when used 4-5 times each day. The key is to find the one youll find easiest to weave into your daily life as a regular ritual. Aromatherapy lovers tend to be drawn to the mists or serums. People who love using herbal tinctures, or who have really busy lifestyles love the elixirs, because they can just add a dropperful of the elixir to their water bottles each time they refill (instead of being concerned with using it five times each day).

Flower essences are subtlethey work in an almost magical waythe same way you feel when you walk into a flower shop, forest or botanical garden you feel a sense of joy, calm and wonder infuse your body and mind, dissolving distraction, irritation and tension. 

In the short term, you experience more joy and happiness, better sleep and enhanced focus, clarity and confidence. Over time, they help you recognize self-limiting patterns or habits that arent serving youand magnify your strengths and unique qualities, helping you actualize your full potential.


What is a flower elixir? Lotus Wei offers 6 of themcan they be mixed and matched, or is it better to use one at a time?


A flower elixir is a combination of flower remedies. Each elixir has five flower remedies + a gemstone essence in a delicious desert wildflower honey and organic grape alcohol base.

 Each individual flower essence inside the elixir catalyzes a unique aspect of that mood. For example, inside Quiet Mind, Dandelion flower releases neck and shoulder tension, Passionflower helps you take breaks and sleep soundly and Bird of Paradise quiets the mind.

There are six different elixirs. You can take more than one at a time, but again, I recommend choosing one that is your top priority. Committing to using that 4-5 times daily is the most important part. Feel free to add additional elixirs to the mix if desired.


What makes the energy mists special? Should these be used consistently in order to feel a difference or are they something you can use occasionally when seeking a mood boost?


The energy mists, or aura mists, have aromatherapy added to the flower remedies, so they are a quick, sensory pick-me-ups! I carry a few in my bag at all times. I spritz myself during the day when I need a boost and I share them with friends. I mist rooms, sheets + pillows and I even bring them on the airplane to refresh my mood. Mist yourself above your head and shoulders, letting it rain down on you. Or spritz your throat, heart or hair.

Again, if this is your only method for using flower remedies, make sure you mist yourself five or more times each day for therapeutic results. You can use as many as you like or you can focus on onejust remember to use them often.

I like the mists because theyre easy to layer on top of whatever elixir Im using, to enhance whatever Im doing in the moment. For example, when Im at my computer, Ill have Inspired Action Mist on my desk. Ill mist myself every hour if Im writing or want to be ultra productive and get tons of stuff done (its truly amazing how effective it is).

If I mist myself with Joy Juice, I find myself laughing more and making other people laugh morethis is my favorite for sharing with everyone during any kind of meetings. Even the scent is fun-loving, with sweet orange, marigold and jasmine.

When I use Infinite Love, I find that life is softerIm more loving toward myself and people are more drawn to me. Aromatherapy-wise, the scent is widely loved a soft citrusy mix of rose, honey and mandarin.


How should the balancing serums be used? Are they a replacement for your regular moisturizer or meant to do something different?


Serums are an oil that is gentle enough to use on the face, but that can be used also as a body oil. They are of course infused with flower remedies, so they will also have tangible effectswe say Balancing Serum, because it balances your state of mind. 

For example, Im a pretty good sleeper, so I get by using Quiet Mind just once before I go to sleep. If I dont use it, I find that I sleep in a more restless, jumbled-dreams way. Just using it once before I go to sleep helps me sleep like a baby, and wake up more refreshed. For those who have chronic sleepless nights, I recommend using the elixir or mist five times each day. I love giving myself a little neck massage with the Quiet Mind Serum and a mini foot rub with the Inner Peace Serum before I go to sleep. Quiet Mind is lemony, fresh and green, while Inner Peace is more grounding with lavender and spices.

Before bed I also apply the Radiant Energy Serum to my belly. First of all, it smells incredible, a blend of Neroli, Pinon and Clary Sage. More importantly though, therapeutically weve found that even when using it only once each day, it balances hormones, regularizes menstrual cycles and eliminates cramps and PMS by your next cycle. This formula is helpful for women trying to get pregnantor trying not to get pregnantas it makes their cycles like clockwork. The other benefits of Radiant Energy are vitality, radiance, and boosting energy and the immune system after long hours on the computer, cell phone, air travel or urban lifestyle.


How did you become involved in the fascinating world of flower remedies?


Immediately after I graduated college I left the country to travel, explore the world and study as many kinds of natural medicine that I could find. I lived in both Europe and Mexico for several years and traveled around Asia. I was searching for something that would bring the world happiness. I met a flower essence practitioner from Madrid, Spain and studied with him. When I moved back to the United States I was ready to open a practice. I saw clients and customized flower elixirs exclusively for ten years before creating any products. During that time I began to collect my own flower essences. The only reason I designed products was because of the mind-blowing transformations I was seeing in my clients. When you see the before-and-after photos of people’s faces as they’re using flower essences, it’s astounding and very inspiring. Our goal has always been to create a worldwide ripple effect of positivity and we’re grateful to be partnering with Integrity Botanicals.

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  1. Thank you, Susannah, for this wonderful interview with Katie. I’m a long time Lotus Wei user and fan of Katie’s amazing flower remedies. I have often wanted to ask some of the questions you asked her, so the interview was so much fun to read. I especially enjoyed learning how she uses the 3 specific serums as a bedtime ritual. I completely agree with what she said about seeing which flowers & gemstones you are most drawn to and letting that guide you to what you need the most. I regularly check in with myself and look at the flowers & descriptions and switch up my Lotus Wei products based on what I need during different times of the year or as life is throwing different things at me. My husband and daughter also have benefited from the wonderful flower remedies. I’m so excited that Integrity Botanicals is carrying this amazing line. I love everything about Lotus Wei but the Infinite Love perfume & Joy Juice Mist are my 2 absolute favorite products that I can’t live without!

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