What’s in Victoria’s Travel Bag?

Torres del Paine, Patagonia Chile

Torres del Paine, Patagonia Chile


La Bella Figura has become synonymous with global beauty in my book. The founders behind the brand travel the world and take inspiration from the beautiful natural ingredients found across the globe. Whether it’s kakadu plum cellular extract from Australia or barbary fig seed oil from Tunisia, their ingredients speak to their love for other cultures and countries. Since La Bella Figura travels the world, we thought it would be fun to know what’s in Victoria Fantauzzi’s travel bag.


Susannah: Why do you travel?


Victoria: Great question! I travel because it’s the way I feel most connected to the earth and people. I think striving to become a global citizen is a goal we can all benefit from. Once you visit the world and meet other people from all walks of life it really moves you to want to protect the planet, history, art and beauty. I’m tactile and a hands on kind of person so all the reading in the world would not have personally connected me to the great wide world like actual travel has. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to travel. It’s really about stepping out of your comfort zone and be willing to connect to people, places, food and culture. I always encourage the young people in my family to travel in their own towns, learn the history, visit museums and diversify their perspectives. I really like being on the road and if dreams come true I’ll have an awesome silver bullet Airstream, little dog and my love, traveling with me when we’re a tad older.


What’s your most treasured travel experience?


I can’t really pinpoint any one experience. Every time I’m someplace else I feel incredibly lucky. When I’m traveling with the people that mean the most to me I feel a sense of gratitude and deep love. I treasure those moments so much and revisit them often. Those memories are like a collection of books and depending on my mood I like to sit down and look through photos or my album of tickets and just fondly remember. I’ve been to beautiful places and what I cherish most is not what I’ve seen, but what I’ve felt. 


Where would you like to go next?


Probably back to South America and Australia. I haven’t been to Patagonia and I feel this pull to be someplace less untouched than my usual favorite cultural spots. I want to go fishing and grill my own food and hike through fields. I kinda feel like Forest Gump when he started running and just kept going. I want to go places where I’m surprised by discovery. 


What are your travel essentials and why?


I’m an efficient traveler. I have a Tumi suitcase and a compact weekend bag. I carry on as often as possible so having a trusty suitcase with tons of compartments is key. I wear jeans on long flights and flats and always have a scarf or pashmina to wrap myself around. I have noise canceling headphones, a journal and good pen because ideas hit me and I have to write them all down. Those are my basics. I keep a little clear cosmetic case that’s TSA friendly in my handbag with our Elysian Fields or Jardin De Fleurs, our Barbary Fig Seed Oil to hydrate my skin that tends to feel dry on a plane, Travel Therapy Botanical Mood Booster for instant uplift, green tea, Vitamin C packets to keep my immune system strong, almonds or cashews, dark chocolate and tons of reading material. I also like a good hand cream since the airline soap in the washrooms are so drying so I bring coconut oil in a small container for my hands. 

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