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Day to day life is far easier to manage when you have supportive tools at your disposal, and mine tend to be botanical in nature. I love aromatherapy in particular, and flower therapy ranks up there for its subtle vibrational effect, too. We often think about aromatherapy when we want to unwind, calm down and relax—but scent can do so much more. Scent has as many moods as you and I do, and it can be used to encourage and enhance how you want to feel. The scent behind the Lotus Wei Joy Juice collection is the perfect example. Need to nudge yourself out of a bad mood? The Joy Juice collection was formulated to help you feel unbridled joy, laughter, euphoria, and contentment. It’s for releasing your playful side and enjoying life more. For someone with all work and no play Capricorn tendencies like me, it’s essential to finding balance.

The Joy Juice Anointing Oil is how I prefer to get my dose of this happy elixir. The concentrated formula is a blend of organic essential oils and transformative flower essences in a base of organic jojoba oil, all bottled in a pocket-friendly 5ml roll on. I love to roll this onto the back of my hand, periodically inhaling a deep breath of the Joy Juice to activate its beautiful effect. This is a real heart opener, and it comes in a wave of juicy sweet orange softened by a touch of jasmine and the strawberry-like davana. It smells as happy as childhood—all Starbursts and Bubbleyum—in other words, delicious. The jasmine is understated but its effect is euphoric. The Joy Juice scent is indulgent but light-hearted and mellowing.

If you’re feeling a touch too serious, or you often worry and fret about responsibilities and overcomplicate things in the process, the flower essences that Lotus Wei collects and includes in the Joy Juice formulas are a supportive tool for helping to dispel these negative tendencies. Essences of African daisy, chocolate flower, pink spirea and birdsfoot lotus join together to bring ease and light-heartedness to your day. Gem essence of red garnet provides joyful strength and energy. All of these botanicals embody the same kind of characteristics that they impart when you inhale and absorb them. The Joy Juice collection releases the kind of endorphins you experience when you feel pleasure.

Here are the ways I incorporate the Joy Juice collection into my day…

  • In the morning right after waking and before coffee, spritz the Joy Juice Energy Mist lightly across your face for a gentle way to set the tone for the day. Continue this practice at each shift in your day to help you transition with a contented, happy attitude.
  • Add the Joy Juice Flower Elixir to your drinking water for an extra boost. Overtime these supportive flower essences will change your everyday state of mind to be more in tune with your joyful nature. You can also place drops directly under your tongue 5 times a day for the same effect, but I find it easier to remember when I add it to my water bottle.
  • Apply the Joy Juice Anointing Oil while in traffic or running errands on a busy afternoon to help slow down your heart rate and make you feel blissed out amidst the otherwise harried people around you. Let it all roll off your shoulders and turn up your favorite song while you’re at it.
  • Massage the Joy Juice Balancing Serum onto feet in the evening as a self-care treat right before bed. This helps release the tension that has built up from a day of darting about while infusing your skin with flower essences and easing your mind with the fragrant scent. The feet are an excellent conduit for therapeutic treatments.

Have you tried the Lotus Wei Joy Juice collection? I recommend it for anyone looking for a next-level way to practice self-care.

2 thoughts on “Lotus Wei Joy Juice collection

  1. Love this blog post, Susannah! I adore the Joy Juice so much. Anytime you see the anointing oil or the mist sold out, it means I grabbed Terri’s last bottle :)

    I’m a Capricorn as well and I totally agree that Joy Juice is necessary in the life of a serious, organized person who needs to be reminded to lighten up and enjoy life!

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