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Lina traveling in Mersin, Turkey


Whether you’re a long-time fan of Lina Hanson Global Beauty or completely new to the line, I know you’ll enjoy this chat with the founder Lina as much as I did. The beautiful thing about the majority of the natural, non-toxic lines we love is that the story behind the brand usually begins with a creative and inspiring woman who wants to share her passion with the world. That’s certainly the case here, so enjoy getting to know the woman behind the Lina Hanson brand.

Susannah: In addition to founding Lina Hanson Global Beauty, you’re a makeup artist by trade. Do you incorporate natural products into your pro kit? How is natural beauty important to you as a makeup artist?


Lina: I started out as a makeup artist in New York years ago. After a few years, I moved to LA to further my career, and started writing a beauty blog. Between that and my makeup artistry, I was exposed to a lot of different beauty products, and started doing a ton of research on the ingredients listed on the packaging. After I learned about all the toxic ingredients used in conventional beauty products, I immediately decided to start switching out my entire pro makeup kit to all natural products.

It took a long time to make the switch to all-natural products because when you work with so many different skin tones you need to keep a variety of shades in your kit. Now, my entire pro makeup-kit is completely green and it’s what I use, unless a client prefers a specific product. Using natural beauty products has been so rewarding because I’m also teaching women about the importance of eliminating toxic conventional products. After switching to natural beauty products, they usually notice a difference in their skin right away!


Given your work as a makeup artist, what inspired you to start a skincare line as opposed to something like a makeup line?


My grandmother inspired me a lot. She had several books on natural skincare remedies, and I used to read them and attempt to make my own skin recipes for fun as a kid.

Makeup was something I sort of fell into. I never planned to become a makeup artist although I always loved it. The way I do makeup is very natural. I’m a believer in less is more. I like simple, pretty, makeup where the skin is the focus. When your skin is clear and beautiful, you don’t need to spend hours covering it up with makeup. It just breathes and glows, and that’s always been my number one objective. 

Starting my skincare line happened very organically. I’ve been using botanicals oils for years, and started using the face serum on my clients. The responses were so great and they started asking me for some. When a big fashion magazine interviewed one of my clients and asked what her favorite beauty product was, she told me she had mentioned the Global Face Serum. We didn’t even have a website up or packaging ready, so it sort of pushed us to get it ready to sell. I love creating and developing new products so maybe I’ll get inspired to create a color line in the future. Right now I’m still enjoying the skincare.


What do you feel are the most important elements to maintaining healthy skin?


I’ve learned that healthy skin is all about balance. It’s not only about what skincare products you use. It’s definitely a big part of it, but eating a healthy and well-balanced diet and drinking a lot of water is key. I eat organic as much as I can, stay away from sugar and fried foods, but I’m definitely not one of those die-hard health fanatics. I think it’s important to treat yourself to something once in a while, too. 

Taking care of your emotional wellbeing is also something that is equally as important, in my opinion. When I’m stressed, anxious, or tired, I immediately see it on my skin. So getting enough rest, working out, meditating, being in nature, and taking time out for things that you enjoy is key. I believe everything is connected, so when we start tuning in to ourselves on the inside, it reflects the outside.


Can you name your top three favorite skincare ingredients? What makes these special?


That’s a tough question because it varies all the time. Learning about and testing new ingredients is one of my top favorite things to do.

Right now I must say that I’m loving Yuzu oil. It’s such a wonderful essential oil. It’s quite a rare oil and I love using it in my blends. It’s an instant mood booster and smells so good.

I also love Kalahari Melon Seed Oil. It’s been used for centuries in the African desert for its healing and moisturizing benefits. We get our Kalahari Melon Seed oil from a women’s collective in Namibia, and I love that we are able to use ingredients that help support ethical harvesting and communities there.


Your Global Body and Global Face serum smell incredible, so I was thrilled to learn about your new perfume, Satori. What was the inspiration behind Satori and how did you become interested in blending perfume?


The most important thing for me when I create products is that they are effective and smell great. In my experience, the issue a lot of people have had with natural products is that they smell strong and “ too natural.” I think this is the reason so many people who aren’t used to natural products have a hard time switching over.

So, it was important for me to create products that smell great and look and feel luxurious. Not just for being natural but regardless. I think that’s how you convert people at first. The products speak for themselves. 

As far as Satori, several beauty editors, bloggers and customers who use my serums love the scents of them. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received asking me to create a perfume, so that definitely inspired me. When it came down to sourcing the notes, I knew that South East Asia would be the place to get inspired. Satori is the result of my travels there.


Your line emphasizes global beauty, and you’re actually raising money through the sales of your new perfume for the International Rescue Committee to help refugees in the Kurdish region. What do you want people to know about this issue and why is it important to you?


I had the opportunity to spend time in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) last year because my husband has family there. The Kurdish people have been through so much, yet they are probably the most warm, gentle, and openhearted people I’ve met. It was really inspiring to see.

With all the violence that’s going on there now, both my husband and I felt it was important to give back to them at this time of need. Millions of people have been uprooted from their homes, lost their families, and have experienced such violence. The situation became much more real for me after I had spent time there. It wasn’t something I just heard on the news. We hope that by donating part of our sales to this cause, we can help spread some awareness of what is happening in that part of the world.


The Lina Hanson line features three botanical oil-based serums that have become cult favorites among clean beauty enthusiasts. What’s the best way to apply your serums for best results?


Global Face Serum is best applied on clean skin in the morning and at night after you’ve washed your face. All you need is one pump and you pat it into your skin. I love using it before a makeup application too because foundation goes on so much smoother. It leaves your skin with a gorgeous glow.

Global Body Serum is best applied on damp skin right after a shower. It sinks into the skin instantly and leaves it silky and soft without feeling greasy. It also works great on any dry areas like elbows, or hands. (It layers perfectly with Satori because it has some of the same notes.)

Global Baby Serum is great for babies’ delicate and sensitive skin because it doesn’t contain any essential oils. It is the most soothing and nourishing blend I’ve created. People with very sensitive skin and those who don’t tolerate any scented products have been loving the Global Baby Serum for this reason. It works great as a baby massage oil, for cradle cap and as a belly oil for pregnant women. It’s a wonderful multipurpose oil that absorbs into the skin fast, and when you need a little break from heavy scented products.

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  13. I haven’t had the chance to try anything by Lina Hanson yet, but I have heard wonderful things. I have been looking for the perfect natural perfume.

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