How to Heat Proof Your Makeup Routine



Wow, humidity and hot temps sure do a number on how fresh I look and feel, and this week has been brutal in the mid-Atlantic. There’s nothing like a heavy film of sweat during a heat wave to completely undo the beautiful finish of your foundation or color. I had to crack up the other day when a fellow green beauty blogger referenced her “sweat moustache” on Instagram—been there. So what to do? How can we survive extreme July and August heat without looking the worse for wear? I have a few ideas for heat proofing your makeup routine.

1. Wear less makeup. Illuminate with skincare instead.

Ok, duh—right? But it’s true that a little concealer, if you must, is going to feel a lot more comfortable than full foundation. Plus, skin is in, and I know your skin looks far better than you give it credit for thanks to the botanical ingredients in your daily routine. Try dabbing on the W3LL PEOPLE Bio Correct Multi Action Concealer in areas you want to illuminate or even out. It has a beautiful slightly powdery finish that sets nicely. The Kjaer Weiss Foundation is also quite matte in comparison to most, so it works well here for this purpose also. Better yet, if you feel good about it, skip foundation and concealer all together. Opt for the bare minimum and use the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 as your one and done face product.

2. Use a setting powder. It absorbs throughout the day.

Whether I’m going bare faced or with the help of a little color correction, setting powder is a must for keeping unwanted dewiness to a minimum for longer periods of time. It also helps extend the life of whatever makeup you’re wearing underneath, so lean on it to keep everything in place. The makeup products I love most are naturally rich in botanical oils and butters, and since they’re non-toxic they don’t contain weird chemicals that give them 24-hour wear, or whatever the going rate in the mainstream beauty industry is these days. Trust me, that’s a good thing! I love the W3LL PEOPLE Realist Invisible Setting Powder for these extra sweaty days. You can even apply a little before adding any concealer or foundation to help prime the skin and give the makeup something to adhere to under otherwise slippery conditions. If you’re on the dry side, don’t live in a very humid climate, or simply don’t want to lose the dewy glow your foundation provides in the first place, try the WELL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Powder. The soft-focus effect will enhance the finish of bare skin or makeup and help prolong your fresh-faced look without a super matte effect.

3. Blot throughout the day. Tissue paper works well.

I’m not one to reapply makeup during the day, and I usually don’t need to, but as noted—it’s hot out and I’m melting this week! Face blotting is one habit I’ve maintained since my teenage years when my skin was much more oily. Though I no longer use those odd blue Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets from my youth, I do absorb excess oil using thin tissue paper or rice paper. Take a sheet of tissue paper from your gift-wrapping supplies and cut little sheets you can tuck away in a purse. Press into your t-zone throughout the day when you’re feeling a little greasy after that walk to grab lunch or sticky trip to the post office. This will help keep whatever makeup you’re wearing in place longer by absorbing excess oil and sweat, and you’ll feel more fresh-faced in spite of the heat.

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