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4 Toners That Balance & Fight Acne

  Do you use a toner? My first experience with a “toner” was probably similar to yours — an alcohol-based, highly astringent concoction that I swiped over my face while battling typical breakouts and oily skin. The toner would often burn, and it definitely removed oil, but it was overly harsh and drying. Little did […]

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An All Natural Shaving Routine For Men

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought it would be fun to talk about men’s routines for a change. Since most of my skincare advice applies just as readily to a man’s routine as a woman’s, let’s talk about something that is truly manly—shaving! While beards and moustaches don’t seem to be slowing down as […]

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Introducing Ursa Major

If you haven’t been properly introduced to the Vermont-based skincare line Ursa Major, you’re in for a treat. This well-edited line is a total gateway drug to green beauty, especially for people who might be on the fence about using “natural” products. Ursa Major does skincare in a way that feels comfortable and stylish while […]

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