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How to treat your super-sensitive skin

…without giving up any of the luxury or effectiveness we all want! I know how frustrating it can be to have sensitive skin, especially if you’re a product junkie like I am. You want all the fun lotions and potions, but can’t handle the rashes and literal headaches that sometimes accompany heavy scents or additives. […]

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KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate

  Remember when we spoke with Chase from KYPRIS earlier this month? We got the scoop on the latest product from this skincare line, and now the Cleanser Concentrate is finally here! The name sounds a little mysterious, right? What’s a Cleanser Concentrate anyway? Let’s see if I can paint a clear picture for you […]

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What’s New At KYPRIS

  Have you heard about the new Cleansing Concentrate that KYPRIS is releasing in the next week? You can be sure I’ll share my thoughts with you on this beauty—it looks promising in terms of formula and the packaging is—duh—drop dead gorgeous. It’s been a while since we spoke with KYPRIS founder Chase Polan, and she […]

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