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It’s not easy to create a body oil that’s well balanced. Some are too rich and sit on top of the skin, never really sinking in (and thus staining everything they come into contact with). Some are too light and dry, so they never really moisturize despite absorbing well. That elusive perfect blend is hard to come by, and Soapwalla has mastered it.

Soapwalla just released two new body oils, the Lavender Vanilla Mint Luxurious Body Oil and the Citrus Almond Luxurious Body Oil, and both have become fast favorites. You should try these for yourself!

Have you tried the original Luxurious Body Oil? The Lavender Vanilla Mint Luxurious Body Oil and the Citrus Almond Luxurious Body Oil are variations of this original formula. Soapwalla created two new luscious scents and added a few key ingredients that upgrade the formulas in terms of moisture, but the oil blends remain well balanced. Like the original, the new Luxurious Body Oils have a base of jojoba, rice bran, grape seed and sunflower oils, which puts this blend on the lighter side since each of these absorb nicely on their own and play well with the skin. In addition, the Lavender Vanilla Mint Luxurious Body Oil and the Citrus Almond Luxurious Body Oil both feature chia seed oil and baobab oil. These oils are incredible healers that are high in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which soothe and repair the skin.

I love how the new Luxurious Body Oils absorb thoroughly and quickly. It sinks into skin noticeably faster than many of the body oils I like to use, but that doesn’t mean a compromise in terms of moisture—quite the opposite. The Luxurious Body Oils have kept my skin soft and comfortable through the tail end of this winter. I only apply body oil once a day, and my skin will often start to feel a little dry and itchy just before it’s time for another application, especially this time of year. Yet I’ve noticed that hasn’t been the case since I started using the new Soapwalla Luxurious Body Oils. My skin just stays soft and comfortable.

I’ve been using the new Luxurious Body Oils right after my shower, applying to damp skin. I alternate based on the scent I’m in the mood for. According to Soapwalla, the Lavender Vanilla Mint Luxurious Body Oil is better for dry, dehydrated and eczema prone skin whereas the Citrus Almond Luxurious Body Oil is great for all skin types. Apart from the scent differences, the Citrus Almond Luxurious Body Oil includes echium seed oil, which is also rich in omegas 3 and 6 and helps accelerate skin cell regeneration. Even though the two formulas are slightly different, both work wonderfully on my normal skin. I can’t resist the yummy scents. I wish the Citrus Almond were edible because it smells like a fine pastry—not too sweet, just scrumptious and bright. The Lavender Vanilla Mint is equally delicious and unusual, too. I’d love to sip this one in the form of a tea, and it makes a great bedtime indulgence after a relaxing bath.

While the Luxurious Body Oils feel like a total indulgence, they are perfect for your everyday routine and are an incredible value for the price point of $32 per bottle. Which one would you try first?

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