Introducing One Love Organics

Founded by beauty alchemist, Suzanne LeRoux, One Love Organics’ philosophy is to offer simple, pure and effective skincare for everyone. Suzanne studied holistic nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy for several years before One Love Organics was born. Hand crafted in small batches on St. Simons Island, off the coast of Georgia, One Love Organics uses only the finest, freshest ingredients that directly benefit your skin. Nourishing plant oils help fortify and strengthen the skin’s own natural protective barrier, which preserves, balances and maintains overall skin health making it suitable for all skin types. The line contains the most effective ingredients on the market, such as supercritical chia oil, farm fresh Bulgarian rose oil and clinically proven D’Orientine S. Every product in the line is waterless(with the exception of the cleansers), so each product gives your skin what it needs with ingredients that provide direct benefits.

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About Integrity Botanicals

Integrity Botanicals is the premier online shopping emporium for natural and organic beauty products. Founded by Terri and Marc Hall in 2011, Integrity Botanicals is dedicated to delivering a lush assortment of the world’s most luxurious green beauty and personal care products, curated, vetted and personally tested by a team of passionate health and beauty advocates.