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Ingredient Spotlight: Palo Santo

Since I tend to gravitate towards more floral scents, I never gave Palo Santo much thought. Also, if I’m being totally honest, I think I lumped it in my mind with another “P” ingredient used in a lot of natural products, Patchouli, which I do not particularly like. So I kind of ignored Palo Santo […]

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Getting Your Skin Summer Ready!

I, as a long-time North-Easterner, have always loved the time when it finally becomes summer. I love spring, too, but I particularly love when it’s just so undeniably warm that you can really put away your winter coats, boots, and/or seasonal depression (just me? anyone else?), and finally declare that it’s going to be hot […]

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New Year’s Beauty Resolutions!

Sometimes I forget for a moment that I get to try out beauty products for a living. I’m just going about my day, using 5 different lip glosses so that I can compare and contrast them and write about it, and I forget to take a moment and realize how AWESOME that is. How, as […]

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