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Laurel Honey Berry Enzyme Facial Mask

  Laurel Whole Plant Organics is all about raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients, and I adore this brand’s concept. My own approach to skincare is very much one in which I’m “feeding” my skin with nutrient dense ingredients in the same way I feed and nourish my body with healthy wholesome foods, so Laurel’s philosophy […]

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Ingredient Spotlight: Honey

It’s national honey month! This superfood is worth celebrating all year long. Honey is one of the most potent ingredients in natural skincare, yet despite all its power it is one of the most delicate and gentle ingredients you can put on your face. Honey belongs in every skincare routine—from young, oily and acne-ridden complexions […]

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March Inspiration: Transitioning To Spring

  We are just a few weeks shy of spring, which means it’s time to shed those winter layers and get ready for longer days and more sunshine. It also means transitioning from one seasonal mood to the next. March is a great time to start packing away the heavy sweaters and introduce some lighter options […]

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