Yarok Hair Serum Step-by-Step Guide & Styling Product Tips from Founder, Mordechai Alvow

We have been searching for about 2 1/2 years for a natural hair care line complete with styling products that are not only natural and safe but are also effective.  We finally discovered and researched Yarok and after testing out the entire line, we instantly fell in love with every product.  We then decided to partner up with the company and carry it in our store just recently.  Upon introducing the line, I was asked to be trained via Skype on the entire line by the founder, Mordechai Alvow.  We are based out of The Woodlands, Texas so it made perfect sense and I was so excited to be educated on all the ingredients and how the products work.  However, I was planning a trip back home to New Jersey and  since Yarok is based in NYC, I figured this would be a great opportunity to meet the founder in person.  To my surprise, I was offered a Feed Your Youth Hair Treatment while being trained on all the products.  Of course I was super excited!  Being a new mom to a baby who is about to turn one, I rarely get pampered.

Here I am being treated by Alyona Ryvkina with Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum.





The same steps apply to Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum.

Each treatment is a 1/week application; applied before shampooing and conditioning.

Feed Your Youth addresses women with color treated hair, who are looking to revive their hair. Feed Your Youth aids in detoxing, removing buildup and re-conditions dry hair. The main ingredient is Yarrow, which helps regenerate cells of the scalp, which in turn makes the hair more healthy.



Feed Your Sunshine addresses more scalp issues. The main ingredient is aloe vera, which has been proven effective in soothing/healing burns and wounds and encourages the skin to repair itself. It also contains vitamins to penetrate the scalp and provide moisture, making hair more manageable. Feed Your Sunshine also contains tea tree oil and geranium, which addresses scalp conditions such as psoriasis and dandruff. Feed Your Sunshine is meant for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, in the sun, at the pool, beach or working out.

Hair Serum Step-by-Step Guide:

1.) Application: Apply 3-4 full droppers of serum to 1/2 inch sections of the scalp before shampooing.

2.) Massage: To activate serum, massage the oil for about 5 minutes into the hair and scalp.

3.) Comb: Comb the serum through hair from root to end to stimulate the hair root and distribute evenly. Gather hair in a chignon.

4.) Heat: Open the hair’s cuticle using your choice of heat (steam, sauna, dryer with shower cap, 2 hot towels or going out for a run – any way to stimulate heat and circulation to the scalp). Heat should be applied for at least 10 minutes or up to 30 minutes.

5.) Shampoo & Condition: Shampoo twice paying extra attention to the hairline. Apply conditioner from roots to ends.

Styling Product Tips for an Organic Blowout: (from right to left)

1.) Feed Your Ends Leave-in Conditioner

This is to be used right after shampooing and conditioning. It eliminates split ends and works as a heat protectant from hot styling tools. It can also be used all over wet hair without drying; this will help define hair’s natural texture. It is also excellent at detangling hair.

2.) Feed Your Roots Mousse

This product is to be used on problem areas where volume is desired, usually the front hair line and crown of the head. To achieve volume, apply to not completely wet hair but not completely dry hair. To get semi-texture or a dirty, runway type of look, use on completely dry hair by “scrunching” hair. To define curls, use on wet hair by taking big sections of hair and twirling. This product is also excellent at eliminating frizz. Yucca starch and Organic Non-GMO corn is used in this product to get its hold. There is no flaking or stickiness with this formula.

3.) Feed Your Do Styling Whip

This product gives great hold when applied to the root. It gives touchable hold and is not stiff. The formula is moisturizing, however, the finish is not shiny. It is great for short hair in separating and giving a “piece-y” look or bedhead texture. It also helps define curls. Applied to wet hair, it gives more shine, eliminates frizz and adds texture. Applied to dry hair, it separates, eliminates frizz and adds hold.

4.) Feed Your Shine Hair Serum

This product is to be applied on the ends before blow drying to add shine. It can be applied again to the ends on dry hair if more shine is desired. This product can also be pre-mixed (1 drop of Feed Your Shine) with a smear of Feed Your Do to add moisture to hair. This product alone is not meant for fine/thinning hair. To add glistening shine and hold, pre-mix Feed Your Shine with Feed Your Roots.

5.) Feed Your Hold Hair Spray

This product should be applied an arms length away from dry hair so it hits hair and goes on dry. If applied closely, it will be have a wet looking result. If you spray this product on wet hair and blow dry, you will get beautiful volume and hold. The product can also be sprayed on dry or wet hair when using curlers/rollers or a curling iron. If sprayed on wet, the result will be touchable, manageable curls. This product works great if you spray it closely on little hairs around the hairline. To get a slicked back do with hold and shine (great for ponytails), spray this after pre-mixing and applying Feed Your Shine and Feed Your Do with a comb. This hair spray contains no alcohol and is a non-aerosol spray. It has a medium hold and does not create flakes or go on sticky. Yucca starch and Organic Non-GMO corn is used in this product to get its hold.

And, Voila! Here I am with founder of Yarok, Mordechai Alvow, with Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Treatment and an organic blowout using the Feed Your Shine Hair Serum.


What’s different about Yarok’s shampoo and conditioner?

The Water. The water in the shampoo and conditioner goes through a six step purification enhancement system of volcanic minerals. Each mineral has its own unique properties to remove waste and enhance the water. When water is purified using this process, it reacts more positively with the other ingredients in the formula. More detailed information of this six step process can be found by clicking here.

Where are the products made?

San Francisco, North Carolina and New York.

What preservatives are used in the products and what is the shelf life?

Grapefruit extract is used as the natural preservative in the shampoo and conditioner and xanthan gum and potassium sorbate is used in the styling products. All products retain their potency and effectiveness for 1 year after opening with the exception of the oil blends (Feed Your Shine, Feed Your Youth and Feed Your Sunshine), which last 2 years.

What inspired the Yarok brand?

Mordechai has been a renowned hair stylist for a number of years. After working with chemicals on a daily basis, Mordechai began to develop allergies and bad reactions on his skin. Being an editorial stylist and working on photo shoots with models, celebrities and designers, Yarok also desired a certain look for his clients that he knew he could achieve by creating his own products. Thus Yarok was born.

What other products are in the future for Yarok?

More shampoos, conditioners and a dry shampoo or as Mordechai called it “hair powder.” The hair powder will function not only as a dry shampoo for oily, unwashed hair but also as a finishing/styling product after shampooing and conditioning.

All Yarok products are color safe, 100% vegan, cruelty free and gluten free (with the exception of the shampoo, which has a small percentage of oat straw) . If you are looking to try a Yarok product, travel sizes are available with the exception of the Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum, Feed Your Sunshine Serum and Feed Your Shine Serum. At Integrity Botanicals, we also offer a sample size of the Feed Your Do Styling Whip for free with any purchase. Shop the entire Yarok line by clicking here.

Has anyone tried any of Yarok’s products? Which one’s are your favorites?

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