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Last fall I attended a weekend retreat called the W.E.L.L. Summit. Josh Rosebrook led one of the most enlightening workshops I participated in that weekend on the subject of meditation. While I knew Josh to be a thoughtful and wise person since interviewing him and falling in love with his skincare and hair care line, his meditation workshop and subsequent discussions with Josh have opened my eyes to what really makes him the vibrant, creative person he is today.

Josh’s understanding of skin health issues as more than a surface level problem is unique and rare, so I asked if he’d share a bit of his philosophy and approach with you. He graciously agreed. (Thank you Josh!)

Susannah: I love your belief that skincare goes deeper than what we put on our skin. Apart from a good regimen, what are the main factors we should consider when trying to address issues, whether it be premature aging, acne or dull skin? 


Josh: Thank you so much. I really value addressing skin symptoms holistically.  Many people misperceive the skin as an autonomous organ, as separate from the rest of the body and approach the skin from a disconnected point of view. In reality, the skin is an extension of the whole body-mind, expressing, healing, and protecting all of its systems, and inextricably linked as part of the digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. Whole body-mind health must be examined and balanced to really improve the skin and assist it in moving into it’s natural, vital, healing state. At this point, we can then facilitate and support it with powerful natural treatments that help slow it’s decline.

When experiencing problem skin conditions, most people first blame a current product they are using for the disruption and/or quickly look for a new product that will fix the issue. This path seems logical in finding resolution, but it’s extremely surface, incomplete and very much a program that has been fed to us through marketing campaigns, magazine ads and TV commercials. We cannot overlook the crucial internal factors that are necessary to consider for proper, whole diagnosis of skin problems.

There are of course times when the issue is a bit more black and white and a number of skin issues can absolutely be caused or exasperated by external forces like the poor or incorrect skin care or products, weather, or other environmental factors. But widespread chronic skin issues, and the confusion and misunderstanding of true skin health lies mostly in not taking responsibility for all aspects of body-mind-balance. 


Can you tell us about your views on energy, or chi, and how it affects our system overall?


Energy is everything. Scientists are beginning to acknowledge through quantum mechanics that there is in fact an invisible, highly intelligent force holding together all of the material world, and that all of existence is inextricably linked beyond time and space. This is our true power and our awareness of this and working with these vibrations and universal truths is our spiritual path. Who we really are, our truest selves, are unlimited energy and much more than our physical bodies. As we wake up and honor the energetic body and this reality, the healthier and happier we are. It’s a reclaiming of our unlimited healing potential, our eternality and our ability to create. Nothing brings more joy and peace and nothing rejuvenates the body more than this vibrational awareness.


How do you manage stress and keep your life in balance, especially as the founder of a quickly growing business?


Well, I didn’t start doing this because I had to. It was an elective all along, driven by a passion to share something. I have very high expectations for everything I do, but that’s much different than placing fearful pressure on myself, which I don’t do. I meditate a lot to keep my vibration up and to keep clear, abundant thoughts active. I choose not to stress most of the time. Yoga is a huge part of my life as well and I don’t know who I would be without it. Yoga assists in so many ways, it’s entirely fascinating and extremely healing on every level of the body-mind. Breath work is really powerful, and a severely underrated practice that supports the health of every cell in the body and sustains real vitality, peace and expanded awareness. Finally, I focus on solutions to a problem immediately, not the problem. All of this is a constant practice but this is how I’ve found the joy and my true power in creating on this journey.  

I hope you enjoyed reading about Josh Rosebrook’s holistic approach to skincare and learned something new! Do you share a similar view?

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