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Hair Expert at MO MI Beauty. From the beginning Damon has set out with an intuitive approach that embraced hair styling, texture and color in a way that responds to the varying needs of his clientele. With his unrivalled personal demeanor and an obsession for detail, he takes pride in his craft. Over the years he has gained a wealth of experience building a discerning clientele and his own salon. Damon splits his time between Montreal and Nice, France. He travels the world regularly, seeking out art, architecture, fashion, theatre, food and culture to fuel his love for life. His passion for hair and beauty is in the detail; he has extensive technical knowledge of styling and product quality, and invariably brings new dimension to Mo Mi.

Easy No-Heat Everyday Hairstyles for Summer with MO MI Beauty

As we make way into the warm summer months, you likely don’t want to spend precious sunny hours styling your hair with a blow dryer, curling wand, or flat iron. We wouldn’t want to either! So, with that in mind, we’ve created a few easy hairstyle tutorials – using MO MI hairstyling products– that require […]

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