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Ingredient Spotlight: Pumpkin for Healthy Skin

No doubt about it, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are a healthy dietary choice—but did you realize that pumpkin has incredible benefits when applied to the skin? I love to eat pumpkin seeds on salads and as a snack. They are rich in tryptophan, a mood-boosting amino acid that helps increase serotonin levels and contributes to […]

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Interview: Meet the Founder of Kypris

It’s official! Kypris is now available at Integrity Botanicals. To celebrate this special launch, we have an in-depth interview with Kypris founder, Chase Polan. This interview will give you a full picture of the inspiration and spirit behind this special line. In addition, Integrity Botanicals has a fabulous Kypris offer for you! See below for details. […]

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Kypris Beauty Elixirs + Serums

  Have you heard about Kypris? This high-performance line was one of my favorite discoveries of this last year. From the romantic, feminine packaging to the brand’s passion for sustainably sourced organic ingredients and science-based formulas, Kypris has so much to offer. The founder behind Kypris, Chase Polan, puts such care into every aspect of […]

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